Paperback Giveaway round one!

I posted this picture on Facebook the other night… as you can see I have a bit of a backlog of paperbacks that I need to give away! I decided I’m going to do it in a few waves and give away two books each time. The way it’ll work is my two winners in each round can pick the paperback of their choice from the list and I’ll cross those options off as they go:)

I have (you can click on the book title to go to its page and read the blurb) :

1. Four copies of Corkscrewed

2. Four copies of Family Jewels

3. Four copies of Hunter’s Moon

4. Two copies of Souffles at Sunrise

5. One copy of Impractical Magic (This book isn’t a paranormal! I’ve had a lot of people ask it if is)

6. One copy of Loveblood

7. One Bedtime Stories anthology 

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